Our bungalow "Waltraud" is situated in the middle of the NP "Bayerischer Wald" near Ludwigsthal. Nearby bigger communities are Zwiesel and Bayerisch Eisenstein next to the border with Czech republic.
We belong to the beautiful community of Lindberg.

- The small train station is only a short walk away from the bungalow. The train takes you either to Plattling or Czech republic

- One day trip possiblities to Czech republic, Austria, historic Regensburg or Deggendorf

- Nearby located town Zwiesel also offers a range of opportunities

- The famous "Glasstraße" leads you to another historic place: "Dreiflüssestadt Passau"

- The highest peak in the Bavarian Forest "Große Arber", only 10 km away, invites to practice skiing, hiking and mountainbiking

- The Nationalpark is the heart of the Bavarian forest and the best place to get to know the domestic flora and fauna